Henna Design

just started working on a piece of paper with a pen yesterday, just drawing free Henna design on it.

Day 4 :

Believe me its more easier to draw on hands such type of designs. You don’t have to worry that stroke will not look like a henna stroke.But hats off to those who work only on henna designs everyday, like in streets of Adalat  Bazaar , Patiala, Punjab, India.It needs lots of patience to complete a Henna Design.

Day 3:

After Analysing what i have done so far in this sketch, decided to draw a peacock like henna design to contrast against leaves.

Peacock in the leaves.

Henna design making can be the best to practice drawing curves lines free handed. for some one who have not done any practice from long time in art. It gives confidence. You can mould the lines and designs into beautiful patterns.

Day 2:

Long Time Ago When I was just a school student, Sometimes in class room Teacher is teaching us some important topic but I was so busy in making these type of designs on the notebook that even  teacher’s voice just  disappears. And suddenly see him/her on the top of my head 🙂


Day 1: Thinking about childhood , when going to some one’s  marriage event. And I was just busy decorating other girls hands with henna. what a wonderful days were those. Full of enjoyment  and colours.


Initial Sketch photograph

Artist Name: Rupinder Kaur


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