Meeting with God

Everyone of  us thinks I am dealing with problems which are worse then anyone else’s problems.

Once upon a time God  called all people on earth to  have a meeting with him about their sorrows, He told them he has a solution to their sorrows and difficulties in life.

Everyone reached God  with a hope to get rid of all the sorrows pain , illness , broken hearts etc.God asked to everyone to write down their pains on a paper and put it into an envelope.They all obeyed God.

After that god asked each of them to pick an envelope in which they think there are lesser  sorrows.

Here comes the surprise every person picked up their own envelope rather then anyone’s else. Do You know why, Because they know what is in there in their own envelope. They cannot say anything about anyone’s else life’s problems , sorrows and pain.

Here is quote from Punjab, India “‘Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar- Means everyone has their own difficulties in their life , You never know.”




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